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As a 501(c)(4) non-profit we gladly accept donations that help us at Chapter 129 support our local Veterans. This year has been particularly hard on our Chapter financially. 

Financial Donations

Donations in this form, in which ever denomination you can give, are vitally needed and help support the Veterans and their respective immediate families in need with bills, emergency support, end of life arraignments, and more. This type of donation can be cash, check, or bequeathed.


In-kind Donations

Donations that are in-kind are charitable donations where the goods and services of need are donated directly. BUT PLEASE, DO NOT JUST LEAVE ITEMS OUTSIDE OUR DOOR!  THEY WILL BE DISCARDED AND THROWN OUT AS "TRASH".  If you have items to donate, please contact the Commander directly at (248) 977-7900.  THANK YOU!


Donating time is just as important as financial and in-kind donations. Time is valuable and a donation of a portion of it to help Chapter 129, or veterans in the area, is a great way to show support and lend a hand. If you would like to help, contact the Commander for more details at (248) 930-7900.  Thanks so much.

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